Chore Boot Camp Phase 3

Things have been crazy with VBS all the end of June, but we DID complete Phase 3 of Chore Boot Camp! I just now have the time to write about it with the craziness of summer winding down. Did it go 100% like I hoped? Of course not, but I DO feel more confident in their cleaning abilities.

What I learned is each child has a chore they are better at, and not necessarily the one I thought they would be. Kenzie and Callie are good at the bathroom, Kenzie at Sweeping and mopping and vacuuming, Levi is awesome at dusting and windexing, and Callie and Levi were a lot better at their laundry than I thought they would be. Lincoln actually folds washcloths really well and he and Levi can wash simple dishes.

I figured out I loved each of these chores getting done every single day, but staying on them to make sure it got done was very exhausting, I’m hoping that now that they can do it without me it won’t be as bad. I am still considering the lanyards so I know if they have done the chore before they get to play. They are great at waiting till I’m on the phone or busy to come ask if they can do something and know I don’t have time to check their chore and will say go ahead. I think having a set chore time would help too. Figuring out when will be the difficult part. While I like the idea of before school so I know it is done and we start the day with a clean house, I also do not want to have to wait for them to get their chore done before I can start school. I am considering right after lunch and if it isn’t done by 3 then no afternoon snack. I may try a week of each and see which works better.

I also learned that monetary incentives for extra chores work for some of the kids, but not all.

The last thing I learned was the accountability on here really helped me finish this. With this crazy past week, I will admit it was very tempting not to!

How about you? Did any of you try something similar this summer?


Chore Boot Camp: Phase 2: Day 3 & 4

Chore Boot Camp: Phase 2: Day 3 & 4

Due to Thursday being our “Errand/Town” day we did 2 days worth of chores in one day today. Callie Swept and Swiffered the Livingroom and Kitchen and she also cleaned the Bathroom. Kenzie Dusted, Windexed, and Vacuumed. They also both put away their laundry and cleaned their room. Lincoln folded washcloths and helped Callie clean their bathroom and me clean mine. Attitudes were just so-so, but For me just watching they did pretty well. The lists I made of each step per chore really helped. I have allowed the kids to answer the phone a lot more with me standing there making sure they do it correctly this week. I plan on trying to do all the chores in one day with Levi to get him caught up and on the same phase next week since he was gone camping during the day.

Chore Boot Camp: Phase 2: Day 2

Chore Boot Camp: Phase 2/ Day 2.
I am ashamed to admit that the kids and I did very little chores. I took them to the summer reading program, taught piano, and then went to church. To be totally honest, I did have about 2 hours I could have done it, but chose to read my book instead while they were playing so well. (Totally why I don’t read fiction as much anymore…nothing gets done around here) I am hoping to make up for it tomorrow.

Chore Boot Camp: Phase 2: Day 1

Chore Boot Camp: Phase 2: Day 1
Kenzie did the bathroom and swept and mopped. Callie did Windex and Vacuuming. Lincoln helped Windex. Levi was at camp and is a little grumpy tonight from being so tired so I don’t know if I’ll fight that battle till next week. We had more issues with attitudes today so no one earned tablet time. I’m not sure if it was because we missed yesterday and our vibe for the week got thrown off, if it’s because their brother was having fun at camp and we were not, or if it was because I made them do 2 chores each since we missed yesterday. It also may be because I made step by step instructions and they wanted to do things their way. I digress. Anyhow, a blog post I found on Pinterest (see below) inspired me to make my own step by step chore lists and to put them where they do the chore. The lady on the post bought lanyards to hang around the child’s neck with the chore they were supposed to complete. Her children couldn’t take it off till the chore was complete. I am pondering doing this. I don’t know if I would actually do it, or if it’s just a cool thought and I’d waste the $8 buying lanyards on Amazon. However, I DID like her step by step approach. She has some you can print off, but our chores were different since we have different rooms. It only took me about 30 minutes to make these. If you’re interested in being able to print them off I can share my Word document with you. Just let me know.


Chore Boot Camp: Phase 1: Day 4

Chore Boot Camp: Phase 1: Day 4 Phase 1: Successful

We didn’t make eggs this morning since we had omelets for supper last night. Lincoln did a great job folding washcloths and with a great attitude. Levi learned to clean the sink and toilet. Callie learned to sweep and Swiffer the living room and kitchen. She had a little bit of trouble not taking forever and getting all the spots, but otherwise she did well. Kenzie for some reason had an attitude about dusting and her younger siblings did a better job than her, but Windexing went fine. I also showed the girls how to clean my bathroom in case they ever want to clean mine to make some money. The boys washed dishes and the girls put them all away. Lunch was leftovers. Overall I count this week as a success and have allowed them to pass Phase 1. Next week Levi is going to go to camp so I’m going to have to figure out how to complete Phase 2 with him next week.


Chore Boot Camp: Phase 1: Day 3

Chore Boot Camp: Phase 1: Day 3: Successful.

We still didn’t do a page of math and I’ve pretty much figured out it isn’t going to happen while we do Chore Boot Camp. Teaching chores takes a lot longer than I figured because we get sidetracked with things like … cleaning out their ::shudder:: purses and bags while cleaning their room.

We completed all assigned chores plus Kenzie learned to mop the Kitchen and playroom. Lincoln learned to wipe the sink and toilet. Levi actually vacuumed really well and Callie only needed to be reminded of a few spots she forgot to dust and windex. Callie made Mac and cheese and chicken nuggets for lunch. We still practiced answering the phone.

The thing that has surprised me the most is how much they actually seem to be enjoying this and look forward to it. Kenzie even had the muffins made when I woke up and was showing off the list to piano students. (I’m sure they were thrilled.). They actually have had great attitudes and act excited to learn them.


Chore Boot Camp: Phase 1: Day 2

Chore Boot Camp: Phase 1: Day 2: Successful.

Keeping it real we didn’t do a math page and we didn’t play outside since it was so hot.

However, they each completed their assigned chore with happy attitudes and thoroughly. We also worked on tidying their closets (with instructions on how I want them to put clothes in the closet) and cleaned rooms thoroughly. The boys also washed dishes again and Levi learned how to load the washer and dryer. Kenzie proved that she can totally pass all 3 phases of vacuuming. Levi is awesome at Windex. He insists on Windexing EVERYTHING. Every single window, door, and mirror from top to bottom. Which is great…I normally just hit what needs it. He also is amazing at dusting since, without me telling him, he lifted everything and dusted underneath. He even was showing Lincoln how…better than me (since I hate dusting). I did still have to remind him of all the places to dust. Callie did a great job too in the bathroom. 

They each made their lunch and Lincoln helped make breakfast.

Lastly, we worked on answering the phone. We practiced during lunch and then I let them answer the phone the rest of the day. I even asked people to call so they could practice. They still rush through the words when they get so excited, but are already doing better. We will continue to have pop quizzes on this.