Chore Boot Camp Phase 3

Things have been crazy with VBS all the end of June, but we DID complete Phase 3 of Chore Boot Camp! I just now have the time to write about it with the craziness of summer winding down. Did it go 100% like I hoped? Of course not, but I DO feel more confident in their cleaning abilities.

What I learned is each child has a chore they are better at, and not necessarily the one I thought they would be. Kenzie and Callie are good at the bathroom, Kenzie at Sweeping and mopping and vacuuming, Levi is awesome at dusting and windexing, and Callie and Levi were a lot better at their laundry than I thought they would be. Lincoln actually folds washcloths really well and he and Levi can wash simple dishes.

I figured out I loved each of these chores getting done every single day, but staying on them to make sure it got done was very exhausting, I’m hoping that now that they can do it without me it won’t be as bad. I am still considering the lanyards so I know if they have done the chore before they get to play. They are great at waiting till I’m on the phone or busy to come ask if they can do something and know I don’t have time to check their chore and will say go ahead. I think having a set chore time would help too. Figuring out when will be the difficult part. While I like the idea of before school so I know it is done and we start the day with a clean house, I also do not want to have to wait for them to get their chore done before I can start school. I am considering right after lunch and if it isn’t done by 3 then no afternoon snack. I may try a week of each and see which works better.

I also learned that monetary incentives for extra chores work for some of the kids, but not all.

The last thing I learned was the accountability on here really helped me finish this. With this crazy past week, I will admit it was very tempting not to!

How about you? Did any of you try something similar this summer?


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