Chore Boot Camp: Phase 2: Day 1

Chore Boot Camp: Phase 2: Day 1
Kenzie did the bathroom and swept and mopped. Callie did Windex and Vacuuming. Lincoln helped Windex. Levi was at camp and is a little grumpy tonight from being so tired so I don’t know if I’ll fight that battle till next week. We had more issues with attitudes today so no one earned tablet time. I’m not sure if it was because we missed yesterday and our vibe for the week got thrown off, if it’s because their brother was having fun at camp and we were not, or if it was because I made them do 2 chores each since we missed yesterday. It also may be because I made step by step instructions and they wanted to do things their way. I digress. Anyhow, a blog post I found on Pinterest (see below) inspired me to make my own step by step chore lists and to put them where they do the chore. The lady on the post bought lanyards to hang around the child’s neck with the chore they were supposed to complete. Her children couldn’t take it off till the chore was complete. I am pondering doing this. I don’t know if I would actually do it, or if it’s just a cool thought and I’d waste the $8 buying lanyards on Amazon. However, I DID like her step by step approach. She has some you can print off, but our chores were different since we have different rooms. It only took me about 30 minutes to make these. If you’re interested in being able to print them off I can share my Word document with you. Just let me know.



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