Chore Boot Camp: Phase 1: Day 4

Chore Boot Camp: Phase 1: Day 4 Phase 1: Successful

We didn’t make eggs this morning since we had omelets for supper last night. Lincoln did a great job folding washcloths and with a great attitude. Levi learned to clean the sink and toilet. Callie learned to sweep and Swiffer the living room and kitchen. She had a little bit of trouble not taking forever and getting all the spots, but otherwise she did well. Kenzie for some reason had an attitude about dusting and her younger siblings did a better job than her, but Windexing went fine. I also showed the girls how to clean my bathroom in case they ever want to clean mine to make some money. The boys washed dishes and the girls put them all away. Lunch was leftovers. Overall I count this week as a success and have allowed them to pass Phase 1. Next week Levi is going to go to camp so I’m going to have to figure out how to complete Phase 2 with him next week.



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