Chore Boot Camp: Phase 1: Day 3

Chore Boot Camp: Phase 1: Day 3: Successful.

We still didn’t do a page of math and I’ve pretty much figured out it isn’t going to happen while we do Chore Boot Camp. Teaching chores takes a lot longer than I figured because we get sidetracked with things like … cleaning out their ::shudder:: purses and bags while cleaning their room.

We completed all assigned chores plus Kenzie learned to mop the Kitchen and playroom. Lincoln learned to wipe the sink and toilet. Levi actually vacuumed really well and Callie only needed to be reminded of a few spots she forgot to dust and windex. Callie made Mac and cheese and chicken nuggets for lunch. We still practiced answering the phone.

The thing that has surprised me the most is how much they actually seem to be enjoying this and look forward to it. Kenzie even had the muffins made when I woke up and was showing off the list to piano students. (I’m sure they were thrilled.). They actually have had great attitudes and act excited to learn them.



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