Chore Boot Camp


I was too busy to do a normal blog post today getting ready for our “Chore Boot Camp” these next three weeks. The idea came to me this past spring when I was frustrated that the kids were unable to complete chores the way I wanted them to. However, I didn’t have the time during the school year to really give them the focus they needed to be able to show each of them exactly how I wanted them to do each chore. So, true to my love for planning, I came up with a battle plan. This summer I decided to do a Chore Boot Camp with 3 phases, each phase lasting a week. I had read a lot about showing someone how to do something, then letting them do it while you watch, then letting them do it on their own and you then inspect it. We finished school weeks ago, but I wanted 3 weeks in a row that we could work on it without anything interrupting us. Well…at least not something like

We finished school weeks ago, but I wanted 3 weeks in a row that we could work on it without anything interrupting us. Well…at least not something like a camp that lasts all week. Already today we didn’t finish till afternoon due to some big interruptions, but we did finally get it done…and with only slight attitude. I told the kids at the beginning of today that if they completed their chores with no attitude and “yes Ma’am I’d be happy to” that they would earn 30 minutes worth of tablet time later that afternoon.


I chose the chores:
1. Vacuum
2. Swish and Swipe (aka: cleaning the bathroom)
3. Sweep and Mop
4. Windex / Dust
The three oldest switch off on what day they take a turn learning each of the above chores. I decided not to teach them all three the same chore each day so that way my floor got cleaned every day instead of the overkill of 3 times in one day. The youngest does a simpler chore each day.

I also wanted them to learn how to: (some of them already know these)
1. Answer the phone properly
2. Clean their room
3. How to wash their sheets and remake their bed.
4. Clean out the van
5. The boys learn to do laundry
6. The boys learn to wash and rinse dishes.
7. To make their own lunch
We do a different one of these a day except for the boys washing dishes and the kids learning to make their lunches.

We do not pay them for doing “normal” chores since we believe that is a duty of being part of a family unit. However, there are a few things I decided this summer if they learned how to do, I would pay them for them if they showed initiative. Those “Bonus” chores are:
1. Clean Mom and Dad’s bathroom
2. Weed Flowerbed
3. Vacuum Couch
4. Mopping Kitchen/Playroom
5. Vacuuming Vehicles
6. Cleaning Out Vehicles
7. Picking Up Sticks

Today’s plan was:
8:30 Clean Room
9:00 Kenzie – Swish and Swipe
9:30 Callie – Vacuum
10:00 Levi – Sweep and Mop
10:30 Lincoln – Windex
Make LUNCH: PB & J
1:00 Clean out Car
We actually accomplished it (though not at the times listed). Kenzie also asked to vacuum the van and the boys washed the supper dishes, so I count that as a win!


So, why am sharing all this? Maybe it will inspire you, maybe not, but I mainly just wanted accountability this week. I love to plan, but execution is hard … especially when it comes to chores. It is so much easier to do it myself, but I KNOW if I stick with this it will help make my life a lot easier this fall. So, every day this week I am going to try to post whether or not we did what I hoped, what we did, and how it went.


Are any of you doing something similar this summer?


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