Chore Boot Camp: Phase 1: Day 2

Chore Boot Camp: Phase 1: Day 2: Successful.

Keeping it real we didn’t do a math page and we didn’t play outside since it was so hot.

However, they each completed their assigned chore with happy attitudes and thoroughly. We also worked on tidying their closets (with instructions on how I want them to put clothes in the closet) and cleaned rooms thoroughly. The boys also washed dishes again and Levi learned how to load the washer and dryer. Kenzie proved that she can totally pass all 3 phases of vacuuming. Levi is awesome at Windex. He insists on Windexing EVERYTHING. Every single window, door, and mirror from top to bottom. Which is great…I normally just hit what needs it. He also is amazing at dusting since, without me telling him, he lifted everything and dusted underneath. He even was showing Lincoln how…better than me (since I hate dusting). I did still have to remind him of all the places to dust. Callie did a great job too in the bathroom. 

They each made their lunch and Lincoln helped make breakfast.

Lastly, we worked on answering the phone. We practiced during lunch and then I let them answer the phone the rest of the day. I even asked people to call so they could practice. They still rush through the words when they get so excited, but are already doing better. We will continue to have pop quizzes on this.


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