Seeing God Around the Distractions


“Mommy look at the sunset!”

I had to agree with my 6-year-old son, the sunset was breathtaking. I had already noticed it, but the fact he did as well spoke to how awe-inspiring it truly was that evening. Due to my picture taking obsession, I wanted to photograph the awesome scenery, but there were power lines and buildings obstructing my view. While I could have gone ahead and taken a picture, they distracted from the grandness, making the picture look… blah.

I have a “thing” about taking pictures with distractions in the background.


The distractions frustrated me so I drove for a bit and tried to find a setting where there were no power lines, houses, cars, buildings, etc. Without all those interferences, I would have been able to see the sunset better, appreciate it more, and have been less distracted. However, it was not meant to be that night, and it got me to thinking…

Sometimes I wonder if “no distractions” is one reason people love the beach so much. There are fewer things to distract you from of the grandness of God. No one permitted to build on the beach, and there are never any power lines blocking the view. There is just the beach, the ocean, and the sun. Also, I think this is the reason why the Grand Canyon, the Smokey Mountains, and other breathtaking wonders have such an awe-inspiring effect. With fewer man-made distractions, people are drawn to their beauty and are overwhelmed at their splendor.


The point is that God’s beauty is everywhere, and is not limited to these locations; however, distractions are also everywhere. Take our lives, for instance, most of the time it is hard to see the magnificence of God.

For example:
-Just like power lines obstructing our view of a sunset… maybe it’s the phone disrupting us during our quiet time.
– Just like how buildings block our view … maybe it is TV (etc.) keeping us from focusing on our family.

Those examples are just a drop in the bucket of distractions in our lives, but these disruptions will not go away on their own. Whatever the distractions maybe we must be intentional in our attempt to notice God. We must make the time to get away from them just like Jesus did when He wanted quiet time. Just like I had to drive to a spot without powerlines to enjoy the view, it is necessary to make time to appreciate God. All throughout the Bible God reminds us to “be still” (Ps. 46:10) so we can concentrate on Him and see Him for who He truly is.


“Stand in awe, and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah.” Psalms 4:4

There are a few ways I try to daily obtain undistracted time with Him; I try to get up each morning and have time with God before the craziness begins, and I also try to go for a short walk daily. This may only amount to 20 minutes a day but it helps me to lessen my distractions, to notice God’s creation, and refreshes me.

Sunset happens every day – but if I want to see and experience it I must take time each day to notice it. It’s the same way with God, He is waiting for me every day to take notice and really see Him; whether, it is a sunset, wildflowers on my daily walk, or even just my kid’s smiles, it’s up to me to be aware and to make it happen.

What are some ways you set aside time to notice God?



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