Since I have been on social media I have seen women frequently post pictures of them and their man hash-tagging “#mancrushmonday”. While I am not a hash-tagger, I like the thought of crushing on our husbands. However, I think we can go a little further than just posting a picture of our man to show him off. Maybe we could actually show him, and not just the world, that we still have a crush on him.

Sometimes (well…a lot of the time) as a wife I forget to try to impress my husband. While we dated, I noticed his preferences and bent over backward to accommodate him. I noticed his favorite kind of gum, his favorite songs, and the clothes he appreciated me wearing.

Often, I delighted in serving him by cooking his favorite foods, making or buying him treats, and getting him drinks. Also, I searched for ways to spoil him by leaving him love notes, sending him packages, or by rubbing his back.

Regularly, I used to dress to impress him making sure I smelled nice and had clean shaven legs. If he liked an outfit, it became one I wore often. Granted, I didn’t have much fashion sense when we met, but he fell in love with me regardless. However, that doesn’t mean I should think, “Oh well, since he loved me then, I don’t have to try now.” Rather, it means I should try harder since I am not quite as mysterious as I once was. P.S. This also goes double for PJs.

Also, I used to write him love notes telling him how wonderful he was, and that I loved him.  Although, to be honest, these days I count it a success if I remember to tell him daily that I love him while looking him in the eye and kissing him over 5 seconds.

Consequently, these are the reasons why I have started guarding my Mondays and chose this day to focus on my husband.  With four kids, homeschooling, teaching piano, and photography, trying to do it every day sometimes is just too ambitious. So, I figured that I could at least give him one whole day a week though (to focus on him). Yes, I pay him attention other days other than Monday, it is just the day I go out of my way to be intentional.

Why Monday?
A. I have no piano lessons to teach that day.
B. No activities that we have to be at like violin, field trips, etc..
C.  It is my favorite day of the week, and it is the day I am the happiest.
D.  I have the most time that day.

So, I must be intentional about guarding my Mondays.  I’ve been asked to do a lot of things on Monday, but if it falls on that day my first response is normally “I’m sorry, no.” Ask anyone close to me, it takes a lot to get me to say yes to something on a Monday and it cannot be a reoccurring event.

I have figured out over the years that my husband’s love language is acts of service. So on Mondays I try to:

  1. Clean the house the best I do all week.
  2. Cook an involved meal that takes extra time. I don’t make tea often, but I do that day for him. The kids and I might even make a dessert if their daddy has had a hankering for something recently.
  3. Dress in a cute (sometimes sexy) outfit, do my hair and makeup, spritz on some smell good, and wear matching sexier underwear.
  4. Make sure the kids are dressed and clean, and make them pick up their toys.
  5. Wash his clothes and put them away.
  6. Light a candle to make the house smell nice, even though it sometimes gives me a headache. (He loves things to smell good)
  7. Throughout the day, I attempt to text him messages just to let him know I’m thinking about him.
  8. A long back rub that night taking the extra time to be intimate, and focusing on his needs. (and no I don’t just offer on Mondays)

Often in marriage, it’s so easy to lose sight of our mate and their needs. The whole point is just to be intentional about choosing and spoiling him. While we may not be able to afford to go out on a lot of dates, this is my way of showing him he is still important to me.

Can I encourage you to pick a day to spoil your mate? Choose whatever day best fits your schedule. Maybe your husband would regular note of encouragement or a small gift. Perhaps, he would like control of the remote, or to be able to watch the football game with no interruptions with his favorite snacks. Possibly, he might like to exercise together or work on a project as a couple. Do you know his love language? I encourage you to figure it out. He will love you for it!

18012854_1677939662217933_1569797825_oe2I challenge you this month to:

  1. Pick a day of the week to spoil your husband.
  2. Write down 3 things your husband will find special and do them on the day you pick.
  3. Dress nicer that day, spritz on some perfume, and shave those legs! 😉
  4. Cook something yummy for dinner, or at least pick up his favorite takeout.
  5. Tidy up the house, and make sure it smells pleasant.


What keeps your marriage thriving? I am always looking for new ideas!


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